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When we youngsters were allowed to get up
early In the morning, all of the women in the camp
had their faces painted black—In mourning—and
a dozen of White Dog's female relatives had cut
off a finger and thrown them Into a big pot, or
gashed themselves in the thigh with their buffalo
knives. This was all in keeping with the tribal
way of mourning the loss of one of its illustrious
chiefs; for though only a medicine-man In name.
White Dog was really a great leader of his people
—more powerful in the tribe than some of its
minor chiefs. Like Sitting Bull, his medicine
powers had elevated him to an eminence of power
which made his people look upon him really as
their head chief.

It was our custom to bury our dead very
quickly and to burn the death teepee as soon as
the body had been taken out for buriaL This
was to prevent the evil spirits that caused death
from lingering in our camp.

Therefore, early the next morning White Dog's
body was dressed in his best regalia and then laid
out on a number of large skins and buffalo robes*
His flint-lock gun and his best bow and arrow
were broken and laid beside him—they were
broken so that they, too, would 'die' and their
spirits could go along with him to the Hunting
Ground. All of his most cherished possessions
were also placed around him, and then the whole